[clug] Quick introduction

Paul Rands paul0075r at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 23:23:23 MDT 2013

Hi Guys,

This is my first post, and I only stumbled across the group today.

I have been using Linux on and off since 2002 or so. And it was my main OS
for 6 months in before going to Mac OS, a few years ago. Earlier this year
I grabbed a PC from Allbids, and now run Linux Mint 15 as my main OS, and I
have been slowly migrating myself away from Windows and Mac OS.

I am really enjoying using Mint, and finding the entire experience great,
but I am feeling a bit alone as a user, seeing only one or two others I
know use any flavour of Linux.

Initially I started using Red Hat in my early days, till I was introduced
to Mandrake, then Ubuntu. From then on I have migrated from Lubuntu to Mint.

I have just begun using Wine seriously and have been successful with
running the 3 main Windows apps / games I can't live without, and since
found a Linux replacement for a Windows app I used for music cataloging. I
had spent a lot of time previous to this trying to get Wine going properly
but without luck.

I would definitely class myself in the noob category, but I have worked in
IT support for Windows for a number of years, but these days work in
broadcast media.

Paul R
paul0075r at gmail.com

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