[clug] Open Source, server based video/chat/conferencing system

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 23:15:47 MDT 2013

Anybody know of any production ready alternatives to Google

It's a pro bono for a non-profit. They want to use Fffffacebook or MSN
(because Google spies on them).  Maximum of 24 users.

;user management
;video conferencing
;file transfer

Must be:-
;Open Source licensed
;run in Firefox/Iceweasel (bonus if it'll also run in other browsers)
;be simple for people to use
;platform agnostic
;*not* use Java or Ffflash
;*not* controlled by someone else (I want to run it from one of my servers)

Hackview looks like it 'might' be interesting when if/it gets finished
(though it seems to only support Chrome).


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