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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 00:04:37 MDT 2013

On 09/08/13 15:12, Brett Worth wrote:
> On 09/08/13 12:51, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> I found X2Go superior to NoMachine (though it uses nx libraries).
> I'll check it out.
>> I'm not sure I understand what you mean by edge-switching and (virtual?)
>> desktops. I don't use edge-switching for changing desktops in KDE (I use
>> scroll instead) but desktop corners and edges are active, and I can drag
>> an application from one virtual desktop to another via edge-triggering
>> (if that's what you mean).
> In KDE 4 there's a setting which I always have on:
> 	Workspace Behaviour -> Screen Edges -> Switch desktop on edge:
> 		Always Enabled.

System Settings -> Desktop -> Screen Edges -> Switch desktop on edge =
Always Enabled (check).

> I'm using kubuntu 13.04 which currently has KDE 4.10.5.  

Built from Sid? (he was never good with toys) ;)

> An example of the problem is that
> when I bump, say, the left hand side of a virtual desktop, it switches to the desktop to
> the left.  At that point (when I'm not using NX) the mouse warps to the same position on
> the right had side of the new desktop and the mouse movement continues across the screen
> in a leftward direction.

System Settings -> Desktop -> Multiple Desktops -> Switching != Desktop
navigation wraps around  (probably the difference - I also have desktop
effects disabled and pager modifications).

> Under NX, because there's no warpiness, the mouse remains on the left of the screen where
> the leftward movement triggers another desktop switch over and over until I hit the
> leftmost desktop where it stops (because I have set it to not wrap).  This makes me sad.
> Brett

I can move application *across* the screens (multi-monitors) to other
Moving the mouse on it's own only moves to a new desktop if I move to
the bottom of the screen for Desktop/Activities 1 - 5. At Activity
(desktop) #6 the mouse will only move to Activity #5 if I move it up to
the top edge.

I had a quick look through the bugreports - nothing for the open code
libraries (and they don't appear to have changed in years).

Good luck with that, I'm hoping the problem doesn't trickle down to X2Go
as it uses some of the open sourced code (but provides more features).
Likewise the closed source bugreports http://www.nomachine.com/tr/index.php

The upgrade from last month mentions virtual desktop desktop support as
a "highlight" ("feature of the Enterprise version") - but then says the
beta *doesn't* include Enterprise:-

This Beta doesn't include Enterprise Server and consequently does not
offer the advanced functionalities typical of that server type:
multi-node support, user profiles and groups, automatic generation of
accounts on Linux host, redirection to a different server and support
for RDP and VNC sessions. Furthermore, file-transfer in NoMachine Web
Player is currently unavailable.


Kind regards

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