[clug] XWarpPointer

Brett Worth brett.worth at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 20:18:59 MDT 2013

Hello fellow travellers.

For many years I've been using the NoMachine Free NX server and client to get access to my
laptop home from work.

A while ago when NoMachine released a new version of their software they dropped support
for XWarpPointer which impacts the way I use KDE.  For years I have used Edge Switching to
switch desktops and as it turns out this function relies on XWarpPointer to position the
mouse at the correct location on the new desktop.

Does anyone have an opinion on this?  For NoMachine to just drop support for XWarpPointer
implies that nobody uses it.

Is there a way I could configure KDE to use some other X call to do this?


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