[clug] Recommendation for a Linux Distro to replace Win-XP

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Apr 13 01:35:57 MDT 2013

Mike Carden wrote on 13/04/13 5:20 PM:

> Anything else? I hope you've set 'em up with a nice LCD and a good 
> keyboard and mouse.
> -- MC


Great advice. thanks very much. Will look at that distro (koora).
Love your comment on support "I can tap the main guy on the shoulder"
:-) Gotta be worth a lot!

And yes, I got them to get a nice new screen, KBD/mouse last year when
the old 'beast' died. She'd inherited a whitebox "full tower" system
and a (parallel port) laser printer for it from a friend some time ago.

The printer died and 'the beast' didn't really have USB, IIRC.
Coulda been prior to Win-Xp, can't recall.

She ended up buying a new, cheap USB inkjet printer and new screen
etc, and I got her the Dell. Suggesting that she should be prepared if
it died and needed replacing. But it hasn't, and I'm glad of that.


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