[clug] What do people use for Virtualisation at home?

Paul Warren pwarren at pwarren.id.au
Mon Apr 1 22:13:28 MDT 2013

On 2/04/13 3:06 PM, steve jenkin wrote:
> I'm guessing a good number of you run VM systems on your home Linux,
> would you care to comment on what works and what doesn't??
> Or just talk about "Why I use what I use".
> I know about:
>  - KVM/qemu [well integrated into RedHat, not sure about Fedora, would
> guess so]
>  - XEN [used to need special kernel and non-standard boot]
>  - Vmware: licensed workstation, free player, free entry-level Server.
> Tridge uses this, IIRC.
>  - Oracle/SUN Virtual Box. Free, full source. keeps getting better
>  - Hyper-V... Sorta free is you embrace
>  - Parallels. They do a LNX container, as source. Not sure about LNX
> versions.
>  - WINE, Codeweavers 'CrossOver'
>  - various 'containers'.
>  - lguest from 'our own' Rusty...
> There are Solaris variants of VM's and Containers as well. I presume
> available on OpenSolaris.
> I'm wondering what I'll try with Debian Stable on a new PC.
> Not looking for 'blazing performance' , but solid, reliable and easy to
> use/manage. Don't care about Graphics performance, won't be doing
> intensive GUI work.
> Thanks in Advance,
> steve

I've been using KVM for my home server stuff. On my debian storage box
I've got my main web/mail server as a VM , along with my RHCSA training
VMs (Just passed woohoo!),

On my laptop I use VirtualBox, mostly because the graphics seem to work
better than KVM, and I think there was something with PXE booting that
KVM or my macbook air's linux wifi drivers didn't like.

Paul Warren.

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