[clug] Linux help needed please

Karen Yahoo kazzaajamm at yahoo.com.au
Sun Sep 30 04:35:04 MDT 2012

Hi all,
A very kind friend of mine in NZ installed Ubuntu 
Linux on my laptop about 12mths ago when Windows died and he convinced me how 
awesome Linux was to use.
I have had no problems until just recently. The 
laptop keeps rebooting when I try to shut it down and the wireless,usb ports, 
memory card slot and cd/dvd drives have all stopped working.
I have had some 
problems with the fan being quite noisy and the laptop running a bit warm. Could 
these be linked to the problems?
If I could I would take it back to my friend for 
help but he's in NZ, so he gave me a link to your user group in hope that 
someone can offer some advice or mybe have a look at the laptop.
I am happy to pay someone who has time to work on 
the laptop.
I would rather give it to someone here that 
actually knows what they're doing and if studying will need the money more than 
take it to a repair shop.
Thank you
P.S I sent Paul a direct email and he suggested 
posting my questions in the mailing list.

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