[clug] Galaxy S & Sensation soft bricked

Jamie Carl jazz at funkynerd.com
Wed Sep 12 02:12:29 MDT 2012

"Boot Recovery" is what you're after.

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Andreas Bauer <Andreas.Bauer at nicta.com.au> wrote:

>On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 04:04:16PM +1000, Chris Smart wrote:
>> Anyone have the required hardware for resurrecting Samsung Galaxy S
>> (I9000-T) and/or HTC Sensation? Both software bricked.
>But I do wonder, are they bricked in the sense that you cannot even
>get into download mode or whatever its called?  I thought I had mine
>(Samsung Galaxy S) bricked some time ago, but as it turns out as long
>as said phone was able to enter download mode I could use heimdall and
>flash new firmwares onto it until it worked again - magically.
>I tried about 10 firmwares or so until it worked again.  Then I put a
>new bootloader on and, finally, installed Cyanogen.  But during that
>time, I could have sworn I bricked it, except, well, I hadn't.  :-)
>Maybe this little story proves insightful.
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