[clug] Ubuntu problem with mdadm / kernel?

Edward C. Lang edlang at edlang.org
Wed Sep 5 18:06:58 MDT 2012


Is anyone aware of a recent (last three weeks?) issue with software raid
devices on Ubuntu? I was away for a few weeks, came home on Sunday and did
a dist-upgrade on a headless fileserver. When I rebooted it, for some
reason one of the metadevices wasn't found - a 6TB RAID0 device on top of
two 3TB RAID1 devices. There are five metadevices in total and the RAID0
one was the only one which wasn't automatically detected. 

When I finally got around to determining why the server wasn't coming back
up, I was able to manually run mdadm --assemble --scan, which found the
missing device.  At that point I could see the LVM volume group and the
server was able to continue booting normally.

Perhaps the issue isn't the kernel or mdadm? Could some other package be
causing the problem? There wasn't anything obvious on the Ubuntu
bugtracker for mdadm or the kernel, and the #ubuntu channel on freenode
was fairly useless.





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