[clug] VOIP handset phones for home (linux Digest, Vol 117, Issue 4-ish)

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 05:49:37 MDT 2012


  FWIW, I have a Fritz box ADSL modem from Internode. It's got inbuilt
VOIP capabilities (w/ FXO/FXS ports) and DECT base station. I
originally paired this with my old Doro handsets, but they wore out
and I now have a couple of cheapie Telstra handsets paired with it.
AFAICR the only brand that won't work is Uniden. It's pretty flawless
as a phone service. You can even pair Android phones over WiFi as
additional handsets and there's an answering machine (but it's pretty
  My router's currently set-up to route through MyNetFone, but I can't
imagine you'd have any trouble with others.

  YMMV, so do your own research to see if it'd work in your situation.


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