[clug] VOIP handset phones for home

bnc bnc at netspeed.com.au
Tue Sep 4 02:42:52 MDT 2012

> I have a Billion 7401 ADSL router which has an FXS port for an
> analogue phone.
I have just looked this up and note that the router does have Quality o
Service. Have you set this up?

> The audio on my DECT handsets is crap these days
> (probably either RFI into the base unit or advanced age...)
Yes, I had exactly the same problem which is why I went for the Gigaset.

> so I'd
> love to find a phone solution that leverages my fairly new Android
> handset. The handset is an HTC One S running ICS.
Cannot help with this as I do not know if you have a connection from
the HTC into your router.
> Is there a good Android app that will let me sit near my router and
> access the PSTN without lining anyone's pockets?
It is possible to set up a VOIP phone without lining pockets.
There are quite a few options to consider, but if you are looking for a
siphone Twinkle works.

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