[clug] CLUG video finally processed (linux Digest, Vol 118, Issue 30, Message 1)

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Oct 30 18:03:14 MDT 2012

> Paul,
>   I have a "bag data" server notionally downloading those torrents.
> It's not seeing any peers just yet, but whenever it fills-up I'll
> leave it seeding for as long as I can.

I downloaded the big Tridge one about 14 hours ago and left my machine
on. So far it has not uploaded anything.

The other torrent I have on Transmission (not one of Pauls) has been
uploading ever since the original file was collected.

All I can note is that I downloaded clug-.....torrent.added and had to
remove the "added" to set it going.

Just anither mystery


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