[clug] CLUG 2012-10 video delayed

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Oct 25 17:55:54 MDT 2012

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Hi all,

The problem with trying to process 21GB DV files is their size.  Just
SCP'ing the file from the recording laptop to my own for processing took
over two hours (and not being sure why I was only getting 3MB/sec didn't
help make it faster).  Processing the small version of the video took over
four hours and, half way in, crashed my laptop.  Since I'm currently in my
day off trying to get ready to go away for the weekend, this is a project
that will have to wait.

The raw video file is available from:


Some of it is available from my home server (as much as I've had time to scp
up to my home server).  Steve Walsh has the laptop from which this DV file
is taken - if he has time and energy, I'd invite him to find the file in
Videos/veyepar/linuxaus/dv/Caro/Studio/2012-10-25, copy that to the
appropriate filename in the torrent file, and seed it as well.  I place no
obligation on him though :-)

Providing the DV stream is obviously not the best way of getting the video
distributed; but it's the best I can do now with the time I have available.

I'll be taking my laptop with me and processing the video down into smaller,
more useful files that I can distribute on Sunday evening when I get home.

The video is shot entirely with the camera I had.  The setup I use comes
from the LCA kit and allows switching between the camera and an actual feed
of the presenter's laptop.  However, due to circumstances that I did not
have time to debug on the night, that feed was unavailable, and what you get
is me moving the camera to capture the screen as well as Tridge speaking.
I'm sorry for this - it's obviously not as good quality - but it's the best
I could do on the night.

Hope this helps,

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