[clug] CLUG/PSIG meetings and LCA

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Oct 22 16:37:51 MDT 2012

By my count, there are 4 CLUG/PSIG meetings left in 2012.
The 22-Jan-2013, 4th TUE, is a week before LCA... Might count too.
[Just saw that Tridge is talking UAV's this week]

The team organising LCA knows the local speakers and any other
applicants. Asking explicitly any/all of those speakers to give us local
preview might fill a few evenings, if not all...

The two early 2013 meetings, 22-Jan and 12-Feb could feature some of the
imported LCA speakers, if they were asked sooner rather than later.

The main Feb meeting, 26-Feb, would be the ideal time for an LCA wrap:
 - Mikal and his team of helpers and 'what we learnt, the dragons we
slayed, the heights we scaled'
 - anyone else who wants to step up and report their highlights.

If we have any video geeks with time, the recordings of LCA, or really
'edited highlights' or 'Best Of', would provide base material for
sessions later in the year. The number would depend on Paul and his live
speaker schedule. [One of the best local SAGE-AU meetings that Roy
Meuronen organised was watching a recorded speaker.]

Canberra Unix Users Group (CAUUG) was for many years be the most active
and interesting branch of AUUG. The highlight for me was the yearly
summer conference. While they included tutorials as useful technically
and good source of income, the one-day of speakers was great.

CLUG could as an on-going fixture do 3 things in association with LCA:

 - a 1-day "pre-LCA" event. Local speakers and some of those who fly in.
   Point of this is "low overhead" in organising. leverage LCA.
   This year it would be the week before, ie around 22-Jan.

 - Local "remote mini-confs" while LCA is on. [Technically Possible?]
   Use live streaming video from the LCA mini-confs, if attendees here.
   If there's sufficient local interest, we host a main mini-conf
    and LCA becomes the remote site.

 - "Remote LCA" - live streaming of "selected sessions" into either
   a single room (like N101) or if there was enough interest,
   multiple rooms in the Marcus Clarke Centre or
   some of the tutorial rooms. Costs involved.

You'd need the co-operation of each set of LCA organisers.
They'd have to feel we weren't stealing attendees.

And there would have to be copyright figured out and if fees collected,
something back to LCA.

As CLUG is "non organisational", collecting money and buying insurance
cover has to be done by someone... Presumably Linux Australia as, I
assume they do for LCA.

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