[clug] Quad Core Phones [WAS: Flaky Asus Transformer Prime TF201]

Lana Brindley mail at lanabrindley.com
Wed Oct 17 17:25:20 MDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-10-18 at 08:51 +1100, Jamie Carl wrote:
> On 17/10/12 14:25, Lana Brindley wrote:
> > On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 14:22 +1100, Jim Croft wrote:
> >> I have the old 101 and it is still going strong. Every now and again I
> >> overload it with apps and stuff and it gags (just remove random stuff
> >> and it comes good) and the processor is now a bit slow compared to
> >> other Android devices (what the hell does the world need a quad core
> >> phone for?).
> > *waves her HTC One X*
> >
> > Because it's SHINY (and not in any way an Apple product!)
> They're actually also supposed to be more energy efficient, which is a
> good thing for a battery powered device.  However this remains to be
> seen on my SGS3.

Mine certainly has a good battery life, especially compared to my old
HTC Legend (although that wouldn't be hard).


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