[clug] Flaky Asus Transformer Prime TF201

Jamie Carl jazz at funkynerd.com
Tue Oct 16 20:21:03 MDT 2012


On 17/10/12 11:08, Ben Davies wrote:
> I'm throwing this one out to the CLUG hive mind to see if anyone else
> has had similar problems.
> Some time ago, my better half bought a Asus Transformer Prime
> (probably the TF201), which was upgraded to Android 4.x pretty much
> right away. The only apps added to it have been Firefox and MX Player.
> We got a few weeks of normal use, but more recently, the machine has
> been crapping itself frequently.
Have you tried updating it to Jelly Bean yet?  That's version 4.1.1. 
Maybe give that a shot?
> A quick list of the main glitches (in no particular order) includes:
> * 2 instances where data was lost when transferring from USB. eg. the
> first was moving 2 files across to the device. Halfway through the
> move, something went kaput, and the files were missing from both the
> USB stick and the tab. This appears to have happened a 2nd time with
> another USB device.
> * The screen had a problem with flicker around the LHS edge. This
> appears to have been addressed in an update ...
> * The most annoying is occasional reboots and sleep problems (probably
> after the update, although this may be unrelated). Earlier this week I
> was using the pad, the screen flickered once and it switched itself
> right off. The more annoying reboot problem relates to the power
> saving mode. If the pad was left untouched, the screen would go black.
> After a short period of time, the pad would then reboot itself,
> flashing up the initial splash screen again.
> Anyone else seen these sorts of things?
No, I've had my TF201 since January and it hasn't missed a beat.  The
only problem I've had is if it's left on while charging the screen will
randomly come back on even though it was already in sleep mode.  But it
keeps working.  No reboots or weird screen flickering at all.

Warranty?  Sounds like you got a bit of a dud.

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