[clug] Running Win8 under grub, or VBox + physical partition

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Oct 15 23:26:41 MDT 2012

I looked at an ASUS "all-in-one" today and IIRC it comes preconfigured
with Win-8. I can't recall the variant, so many and I don't keep current.

The last time I tried to setup a Windows Multiboot, it was for VISTA.
Microsoft had fiddled with partition requirements and boot checks, never
quite got it to work. ran out of patience :-(

I haven't researched this on the Net yet, thought I'd ask the list first
for sites, search terms, advice and war stories...

What I'd like to do:
 - buy and off-the-shelf All-in-one-PC preconfigured with Win 7 or 8.
 - make it multiboot Linux and grub, preserving the Winders install
 - Preferably, run Virtual Box under Linux and auto-start Winders from
the physical partition.

Andrew  J. used to have a 'compute farm' of desktop PC's setup similarly
(LNX+VBox+Win). Don't know the Win version (XP?).

Have others tried this?
Do I need a minimum or maximum level of Win 8/7?
Have they moved to EFI boot and locked things down?

Any gotchas on configs, hardware, BIOS, features, ...?

Thanks in Advance


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