[clug] [OT] [Job] Enterprise/Real Time Java programmer Role

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Mon Oct 15 05:16:09 MDT 2012


As someone who's spent an awful lot of time in the company of kernel
developers and/or pretending to be one, I never thought I'd see the day
when I'd say the following...

I need a really really good Java developer[1]...

At work we're doing some interesting stuff around networking, embedded
Linux and the like[2].  Much of the core smarts of what we do is
implemented in Java.

So if you can do more than merely spell "servlets", "serialisation",
"persistence", "networking", "Comet", "Jetty", "Enterprise/Real Time
Java", are interested in a full time gig and are an Australian citizen
please drop me a line off-list.


[1] Some may impulsively ask "Is there such a thing as a really really
good Java developer ?"  I can assure you there is, in fact I'm fortunate
to work with a few already, I just need another one :)

[2] http://www.m5netsec.com.au

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