[clug] Almost on Topic: All-in-one PC's with Video Input/Output [aka: Now for something completely different]

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Oct 14 22:11:38 MDT 2012

I was pretty impressed when I found out that the large (27") iMac
[~$2500] could act as a monitor as well. It has 2 DVI or Thunderbolt
connectors, one of which is "Input/Output" (though I haven't looked
closely enough to see how that is labelled).

I did a cursory search for All-in-one PC's offering the same and came up
with this ASUS model (HDMI Input/Output):

[Sells for ~$1500, IIRC]

I figure these connectors aren't that hard, some version of a 2-port
KVM, but automatic and don't extra cables.


Are there better models? Other manufacturers?

Does anyone use something like this?

Is it "useful", besides using game-consoles or playing DVD's.
ie. do you find yourself automatically connecting your laptop or other
PC, or rarely do it??

Anything "I should really know" about these things?

Thanks in Advance.


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