[clug] Servers, disks and power-use

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Oct 11 20:03:55 MDT 2012

After the list question on RAID, I wondered what the current
best-practice is with low- and mid-sized storage on servers.

I'm thinking that 2.5" drives offer the best Watts/Gb [by a factor of
2?], so everything runs cooler and cheaper.

Do I have the ratio wrong? [3.5" run 3-4 platters vs 1-2 on 2.5"]

If you pay the extra and get same performance 2.5" drives, it comes down
to the power/Gb.

Some time ago on the list, someone commented that HP had only been
shipping 2.5" drives within server chassis for some time. But I might be
imaging that.

For large-sized storage, I think 3.5" will be the leader for a long time
to come.

Comments & Corrections, anyone?

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