[clug] Whom could I approach to answer a Security question... How safe are Virtual M/c on

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Oct 11 19:58:45 MDT 2012

Is there someone I can write to for good/definitive advice on a security

  Are programs (like a browser) running within a VM on a Windows m/c
safe from being 'sniffed'?

Obviously, any sniffer program on the Host system will capture all
input, but will it necessarily give away passwords and account/card numbers?

Just how safe is it to give someone a Linux VM-image to run on their
dodgy Winders box to do their banking and use on-line credit card?

I've thought of SANS and Auscert.
Does anyone on-list know if they answer questions like that (by

Is there someone/body that you can suggest I can ask my question of?

Thanks in Advance
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