[clug] Hardware Assisted RAID (RAID through BIOS/Chipset RAID)

David Pisk ykds4795 at tpg.com.au
Tue Oct 9 21:42:20 MDT 2012


Hello fellow CLUG members,


I am in the process of setting up a business. I know that RAID can be
configured through the chipset (it seems to be referred to as chipset RAID,
BIOS RAID, or hardware assisted RAID) or through the operating system (I'm
using Debian). I have outsourced the building of the web design and all
aspects of its integration. The contractors can set up operating system
RAID, but can't remotely set up BIOS RAID. I have done some research, and it
appears that BIOS RAID is superior to operating system RAID.


Would most of you agree?


If so, is there anyone available that can set up hardware assisted RAID 1?
The server is an Aldi desktop (Medion Akoya E4060 D (MD8369)) with 2 2TB
hard drives (I replaced the single 1TB hard drive).


I have no car, so taking my server to a CLUG meeting is not an option,
unless someone provides a lift (I live in Reid which is very close to the
CLUG meetings).


I am happy to pay someone to come to my abode and set up RAID 1 if other
options are unavailable.







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