[clug] CLUG Christmas Party

Paul Wayper paulway at internode.on.net
Wed Nov 14 19:27:08 MST 2012

Hi all,

While I'm thinking about it, this year I'd like to start organising
the CLUG christmas party early.

I'd be happy to have a barbecue at my place in Cook, and will provide
bread rolls for all and a beer for anyone arriving by two-wheeled
transport.  Otherwise, bring your own food for the barbecue - and be
prepared to share around (in the spirit of Free Software :-) ). 
Arrive at 6PM and go to 10PM.

The two Thursday dates that seem to make sense are the 20th and the
27th of December.  I'm leaning toward the first one, being before
Christmas, but I'll hear any suggestions that alternate dates suit
more people.

If people also want to bring computers to play BZFlag, then I'm open
to that too :-)

Please post to the list if you're coming, or on what alternate date
you would come if 20th December doesn't suit you.


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