[clug] National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. started 15-May, Mugga Lane and Mitchell Transfer station.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed May 16 01:44:14 MDT 2012

In case anyone on the list didn't notice, up to 15 items are
'non-commercial' and free to dump for recycling.

"Don't come early, don't come late" sorta applies.
They're expecting a big rush in the first few weeks and suggest not
going on the weekends especially in that time.

On-going feedback anyone?

Dept Env site:


Media release:

... will provide a free, ongoing recycling service for
 households and small businesses
 across the ACT to dispose of
 computers, and
 computer products such as
  mice and
  hard drives.

The scheme does not cover other electronic waste, such as mobile phones
which are already covered by the voluntary recycling scheme MobileMuster.

The DHL Supply Chain services will begin on 15 May 2012 and will operate
from the Mugga Lane and Mitchell Transfer Stations, which are open from
7.30am to 5pm, seven days a week.



Not accepted:
 Mobile phones
 Video recorders
 DVD players

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