[clug] Training Venues in Canberra

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed May 2 22:17:37 MDT 2012

On 03/05/12 10:45, Elena Williams wrote:
> Would anyone be able to give any advice on any decent computer training
> venues in Canberra that provide computers?
> We're going to be running some training soon for Python (and vicariously
> Linux).

Yay Python training!  Do you do this commercially or are you planning to?

There are essentially 2 commercial training room options:

* Cliftons - which you've heard about and whom have great representation in the 
market across Australia.  They're very well polished and very responsive to 

* Training Choice - http://www.training-choice.com/  A cheaper, but reasonable 

We use whoever is available on the dates we want, probably with a slight bias 
towards Training Choice who offer all inclusive pricing and great lunch 
vouchers.  There are some other options, but Perl Training Australia won't use 
them, so I can't recommend them.  (And there are probably some I don't know, too).

Both Cliftons and Training Choice will allow you to provide or create an image 
for the machines.  By default they will provide Windows but with some careful 
encouragement they'll usually allow for something else.  There may be extra 
costs involved.

Since we've found that about half of our attendees use and expect to develop on 
Windows exclusively, what we have found works is to take the standard image from 
the training providers, install our own software (PuTTY, Perl, an IDE, RegEx 
Coach etc) and then provide (additionally) a Linux box for students who want to 
use Linux to SSH into.


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