[clug] Debain Squeeze + Raedon 6450

Kevin Murray k.d.murray.91 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 22:32:51 MDT 2012

Hi all,

My trusty old Ubuntu 10.04 production install finally died today (it's been
on it's last legs for a while), and i've resuscitated a squeeze (6.04)
partion i was playing around with a month or so ago. My current desktop has
a graphics card with the Radeon HD 6450 chip (ASUS, 1gb ddr3). I couldn't
get the free drivers working in squeeze over summer, and so install the
proprietary Catalyst drivers. This gave my the native 1920x1080 resolution,
but the speed was abysmal so i uninstalled and retried the free drivers, to
no avail.

Does anyone know how to get the OS drivers working? The problem i'm facing
is this:
On boot, the ususal kernel/init output proceeds normally, but when it
reaches the stage where GDM would normally be shown, the screen turns blank
except for a flickering cursor marker in the far top left corner. If one
holds (not presses) ctrl-alt-F1, then the contents which would normally be
shown on tty1 (i.e. kernel/init output followed by login prompt at the
bottom of the screen) flickers up, as though one was rapidly switching from
the blank screen to tty1.

To get to this stage, i followed http://wiki.debian.org/AtiHowTo pretty
much to the letter, after uninstalling the catalyst driver. I remember last
time i hit a dead end with regards to the kernel not supporting KMS if that
helps (firmware-linux and firmware-linux-nonfree are installed)

I can attach x11 logs if you would like.


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