[clug] [OT] for those hardware wonks out there... 1Tbps on a chip from IBM.

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Thought that some of you might be interested in this announcement.
No products yet. Uses current processes/technology and could be
brought into volume production without extensive development.

I don't think it will/can be integrated into CPU's as it is, but it is
definitely something New and Interesting.

Critical points about this:
 - 24-pair, multimode fibre. Aggregate 1Tbps throughput.
 - 5W, good.
 - single chip, not part of a CPU. How to get data onto CPU/RAM?
 - not a simple LSI chip. "some assembly required".

This reminds me of IBM's first disk system, RAMAC (1956?).
Big and clunky - but it worked and led to much greater things.


"Simple post-processing on completed CMOS wafers with all devices and
standard wiring levels results in an entire wafer populated with Holey
The transceiver chip measures only 5.2 mm x 5.8 mm.
Twenty-four channel, industry-standard 850-nm VCSEL (vertical cavity
surface emitting laser) and photodiode arrays are directly flip-chip
soldered to the Optochip.
This direct packaging produces high-performance, chip-scale optical
The Holey Optochips are designed for direct coupling to a standard
48-channel multimode fiber array through an efficient microlens
optical system that can be assembled with conventional high-volume
packaging tools."


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