[clug] what is best way to migrate a whole computer's content to another?

Nemo Maelstrom Thorx clug at nemo.house.cx
Thu Mar 8 19:03:26 MST 2012

On 09 Mar (a Friday in 2012) around 1208 hours, Scott Ferguson did utter:
> > 
> > ...though I've restored all the big directories which have various
> > cruft lurking still (including multiple old copies of stuff - in some
> > cases directories labelled by *floppy disk name*  :)
> > 
> > dotfile crift is my enemy though... 
> For decrufting use Bleachbit (and fslint).

Thanks for the heads-up, they both look good and I imagine I'll make use
of them yet, but they still seem to only be able to operate on files
they know about. I'd bet neither wuold pick up on .goofeypw, for
example... I honestly don't think it's possible for an automated tool to
be of help in my situation. It can't know which files I consider old and
deletable, which I want to keep/archive for historical/reference/etc, and
which I want to keep for the "just in case I use it again"

Finding which old configs I need and manually importing is proving to eb
a good learning experience too, and looks like bleachbit will help keep
some of those re-imported files down to a sensible minimum now :)


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