[clug] OT: Transact and VDSL2

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Tue Mar 6 14:39:04 MST 2012

Hello Cluggers.

If there are any of you out there with 8Mbit Transact I thought I should let you know that 
some of the older Transact suburbs have had their equipment upgraded to VDSL2.  I happened 
to stumble upon this when looking at the Transact web site.  If you put your address into 
the "Can I get Transact" form it will tell you yes or no and also which product you can 
get.  It seemed I could get VDSL2 in Hackett.

I rang the sale area and was told that, yes I could get onto the new equipment but that 
I'd have to accept a $10 reduction in my monthly payment to them  and I'd also have to 
have my set top box replaced with a HighDef one, for free.

So after all this has been done I now get a SpeedTest result of: ping 29ms, down 61Mbps, 
up 17Mbps.  This does get slower during peak periods but it's still better than 8Mbps.

So please form an orderly queue.


   /) _ _ _/_/ / / /  _ _//
  /_)/</= / / (_(_/()/< ///

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