[clug] Anyone want to give a talk for this week's CLUG meeting?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Jul 23 06:05:00 MDT 2012

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Hi all,

I've got a talk for this month's CLUG meeting, and it's going to be a good one
IMO.  Stephen Boyd will be talking about:

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Raspberry Pi - a Recipe for Kids

Earlier this year a credit card sized computer was launched in the UK and
promptly sold out, with many prospective purchasers having to wait months to
get their hands on the device. Not unusual you say, except that this computer
is just a bare circuit board that runs Linux and costs only fifteen quid.

Stephen's presentation will focus on the non-programming aspects of the
Raspberry Pi:- what it is, why they were developed, what they are being used
for and how they might lead to great things even if they aren't completely open.

- -8<-------------------------

For some as yet unfathomable reason, the LUG-in-a-box system seems to be
rejecting this talk every time I submit it.  While I wrestle with it, I
thought I'd push this out manually to let you all know that there is something
interesting for the talk this month.

Hope to see you there,

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