[clug] Subversion to Git conversion problem

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at svana.org
Fri Jul 20 01:08:12 MDT 2012

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 09:34:43PM +1000, Paul Wayper wrote:
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> Alex, I know you're out there somewhere...
> I'm trying to use svn2git and git-svn to convert from my Subversion repository:
> http://tangram.dnsalias.net/repos/PWphp/getopt_long/trunk/
> Into git, courtesy of Github:
> https://github.com/PaulWay/PHP-Console-GetoptLong
> I've run:
> svn2git http://tangram.dnsalias.net/repos/PWphp/getopt_long/ -v
> Which showed me a lot of work checking out and committing to git the various
> revisions in subversion.  And I can see a bunch of changes in my branch.  But
> nothing appears in master and nothing appears in the git/trunk branch.
> There's no git log, there's nothing to push to github, and I'm puzzled.

Not sure what you're doing, but if I run this:

git svn clone -s http://tangram.dnsalias.net/repos/PWphp/getopt_long/

then it checks out all the revisions and master is moved, git-log shows
lots of stuff and tig shows several branches and tags. I've never used

Have a nice day,
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