[clug] Looking for Debian/Ubuntu training

Edward C. Lang edlang at edlang.org
Mon Jul 9 20:10:41 MDT 2012


Did anyting ever come of this? The Canonical site is pretty light on for
detail of training (and certification) in Australia.



On Tue, Feb 07, 2012 at 12:08:36PM +1100, neilp at velocitynet.com.au wrote:
> Hi Michael & others
> I am following up on Michaels thread from a year ago, 
> did you ever find a suitable trainer in Canberra for general Linux?
> Maybe you received some replies off list?
> We need a trainer to come on site and impart general Linux knowledge to a
> bunch (8-12) of technical 
> support officers who specialise in Live Audio and Broadcast Television
> equipment maintenance.
> We need to intoduce these technical officers to the structure and
> operation of linux machines.
> They already have familiarity with IT systems & networking, however we
> would like to level out and 
> increase the knowledge of Linux within this group. We need there to be
> more familiarity with these 
> systems when they encounter embedded linux solutions that now are
> controlling some of our major 
> broadcasting systems.
> We need to boost them to a level where they can RTFM or Man pages and
> basically understand it.
> Topics would incluse but not be limited to:
> Kernel, processes, scheduling, daemons, modules, devices; 
> Filesytems, users, groups;
> shells (sh, bash, ksh...), command line, scripting; 
> Configuration files (/etc), Editing (vi);
> most used maintenance/diagnosis commands/utilities (ps, ls, ping,
> ifconfig, su, mount, more, init,; 
> Man Pages and help systems;
> Compiling/linking and Installing applications (C);
> TCP/IP Networking and Routing;
> Linux/Unix Flavours Debian/Ubuntu/Freedora/Red Hat/BSD/OSX and their
> differences;
> GUI systems KDE/Gnome & GUI vs Shell;
> Other scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Java);
> Databases (MySql, Postgresql).
> Anyone else on the list have any suggestions on who in Canberra is good at
> filling this type of gap?
> Thanks
> Neil Pickford
> neilp at goldweb.com.au
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> Anyone offer Debian/Ubuntu training in Canberra?
> I'm looking for the accelerated style of course,
> that assumes command line familiarity.
> Specifically I'm still struggling with
> runlevels, daemon startup and shutdown,
> interface configuration, local and routing firewall,
> and managing a deb based distro instead of RPM.
> Ideally it'd explain which parts are Debian,
> and which are Ubuntu overlay.
> michaelj
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