[clug] mdadm and disk images.

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Mon Jan 9 13:59:04 MST 2012

Hi there

What RAID level of the set where the image is from?

AFAIK mdadm writes some "magic" to the device that is used as part of a
raid set. I would suggest that, if possible you dd out that data to
another disk and then use that. Otherwise you wousl have to abstract that
disk image as a device (FUSE could help) for mdadm to use, so that mdadm
can read/write into it, as it re-establishes the raidset, even if you
later mount it read only...


On Tue, January 10, 2012 03:25, Andrew Janke wrote:
> Anyone know if you can make mdadm use an image of a
> "linux_raid_member" partition from a disk? The image was created with
> dd.
> ta
> a
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