[clug] JOBS: Several (Chris Smart)

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Wed Feb 29 02:46:02 MST 2012

On 28/02/12 16:03, Branimir Topic wrote:
> Would it be possible to get more information's on those positions?

The work from home one is for the Linux Foundation who is looking for a
sysadmin to work from home in Australia (or New Zealand).

On the technical side:
"This is remote position and it is also a paid full time position with
great benefits. In turn we require that the person is strong in
SE-Linux, Puppet, Git, Fedora and Redhat (at least 3-4 out of the
five)... Some of the other things we prefer and look for is how many
hosts someone has supported (the more the better). Have they been
subject to third party penetration tests, any type of PCI Compliant
audits or implementation of SE-Linux policies. A couple of other big
pluses are multi-factor authentication, including hardware tokens and
OpenVPN implementation."

On the personal side:
"We also look at a few soft skills, like attitude, English speaking
skills, passion for anything Linux and intelligence (who doesn't LOL)
and because of the situation, each person's background needs to be
squeaky clean."

Senior sysadmin style position with Government agency (EL1), others are
technical Linux jobs with a local firm developing Linux based products.

If anyone is interested anyway, send me an email (with or without your
resume) and I'll forward your details on to those who have more details.


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