[clug] AGIMO seeks comments (again) on productivity software file formats

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Fri Feb 17 16:34:41 MST 2012

Steve Walsh <steve at nerdvana.org.au> wrote:
> This comes back to points I've raised before (hold off on hitting
> that delete key for a second), we have 165k public servants.

I did read what you wrote, but it's misguided and short-sighted.

Training: Same argument applies to upgrading Office. Training doesn't
happen now, won't happen with LibreOffice, will cost the same.

Cost: Money is spent in Australia and supports a local IT industry,
which I think makes it worth it even if it is more expensive, which I
don't think it will be.

> The point I'm trying to make here is that you cannot say to AGIMO
> "Open source is totally free! you don't have to pay a cent!" when
> they have to think about having 87,500 people having the tools,
> training and support they need to their job.

I don't think anybody is seriously suggesting that open source software
is free of cost, which makes this a strawman.
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