[clug] Looking for Debian/Ubuntu training

neilp at velocitynet.com.au neilp at velocitynet.com.au
Mon Feb 6 18:08:36 MST 2012

Hi Michael & others

I am following up on Michaels thread from a year ago, 
did you ever find a suitable trainer in Canberra for general Linux?

Maybe you received some replies off list?

We need a trainer to come on site and impart general Linux knowledge to a
bunch (8-12) of technical 
support officers who specialise in Live Audio and Broadcast Television
equipment maintenance.

We need to intoduce these technical officers to the structure and
operation of linux machines.
They already have familiarity with IT systems & networking, however we
would like to level out and 
increase the knowledge of Linux within this group. We need there to be
more familiarity with these 
systems when they encounter embedded linux solutions that now are
controlling some of our major 
broadcasting systems.

We need to boost them to a level where they can RTFM or Man pages and
basically understand it.

Topics would incluse but not be limited to:
Kernel, processes, scheduling, daemons, modules, devices; 
Filesytems, users, groups;
shells (sh, bash, ksh...), command line, scripting; 
Configuration files (/etc), Editing (vi);
most used maintenance/diagnosis commands/utilities (ps, ls, ping,
ifconfig, su, mount, more, init,; 
Man Pages and help systems;
Compiling/linking and Installing applications (C);
TCP/IP Networking and Routing;
Linux/Unix Flavours Debian/Ubuntu/Freedora/Red Hat/BSD/OSX and their
GUI systems KDE/Gnome & GUI vs Shell;
Other scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Java);
Databases (MySql, Postgresql).

Anyone else on the list have any suggestions on who in Canberra is good at
filling this type of gap?

Neil Pickford
neilp at goldweb.com.au

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Anyone offer Debian/Ubuntu training in Canberra?

I'm looking for the accelerated style of course,
that assumes command line familiarity.

Specifically I'm still struggling with
runlevels, daemon startup and shutdown,
interface configuration, local and routing firewall,
and managing a deb based distro instead of RPM.

Ideally it'd explain which parts are Debian,
and which are Ubuntu overlay.

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