[clug] 2 factor authentication in an era of smartphones

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Sun Dec 9 20:54:43 MST 2012

On the Radius front Radiator has TOTP out of the box.

Also, if your looking to do this for linux shell logins take a look at
pam_radius ( http://freeradius.org/pam_radius_auth/ ) and is available
as a standard package on many distributions of Linux. Just be wary that
the config file is /etc/pam_radius.conf not where every they claim it is.


On 10/12/12 2:35 PM, Matthew Oliver wrote:
> I've recently been playing with setting up OTP authentication on the
> test environment at work using soft tokens (smart phone apps). And
> have it working nicely with FreeRadius.
> We are using LinOTP2, Google Authenticator, and FreeRadius to do VPN
> authentication and to authenticate to our test networks' network devices.
> I haven't got to the stage of pushing it to production but I can send
> you my notes (redacted of course) if that interests you? Or I'll just
> blog it so it benefits everyone. :)

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