[clug] WebGL in Android?

Jamie Carl jazz at funkynerd.com
Mon Dec 3 21:17:05 MST 2012

Did some testing for you.  Results:

* Android + Default browser = Fail :(
* Android + Firefox = Success!
* Linux + Firefox = Success!
* Linux + Opera = Success! (after enabling WebGL and Hardware accelleration)
* Linux + Chome = Success!  (this was with the --ignore-gpu-blacklist
option on an Intel controller)

I usually have more browsers to test against, but I'm on my Linux laptop
at the moment.



On 04/12/12 15:06, Hugh Fisher wrote:
> I'm learning WebGL and trying to get some idea how well supported it
> is at the moment. If you have an Android phone or tablet and a spare
> couple of minutes, please point your web browser at
> <http://cs.anu.edu.au/~Hugh.Fisher/3dteach/webgl/index.html>
> If you see a green rotating cube, let me know what version of Android
> and what browser you have.
>     Thanks in advance,
>     Hugh Fisher

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