[clug] Ticket Pricing for linux.conf.au 2013

Michael Still mikal at lca2013.linux.org.au
Wed Aug 29 22:10:28 MDT 2012

So things are beginning to heat up here at LCA2013 HQ, because we’re
opening early bird registrations in less than five weeks.

The thing is, we know that coming to a great conference like LCA takes
some planning. Sometimes it involves begging your family, and sometimes
it involves sweet-talking your boss. Because we want you to be able to
do both of those things (because we really, really want you to be able
to come and join the party!) we’ve decided to let slip the curtain a
little early.

For your fiscal enjoyment, here is the proposed ticket pricing for LCA2013:

Early Birds:

	hobbyist early bird		$260
	professional early bird		$650

Other tickets:

	student				$99
	hobbyist			$330
	professional			$950
	fairy penguin			$1,500
	partner’s program (adult)	$300
	partner’s program (child)	$250

So, there are a couple of important things you need to know:

First of all, remember that early bird tickets are strictly limited, and
even though we say we’ll keep early bird registrations open until the
end of October, we might sell out of tickets before then. If we sell
out, you miss out, so if you want early bird pricing you will need to
get in as fast as you can after 1 October. Last time linux.conf.au was
in Canberra the entire event sold out, so we do recommend that you don’t
leave registering and paying until the last minute. Your ticket isn’t
guaranteed until your payment has been processed.

Secondly, you need to remember that these numbers aren’t set in stone.
If something unexpected happens, we might need to make some last minute
changes. We really hope that won’t happen, of course.

By the time 1 October rolls around and we open early bird regos, we’ll
have all the information on the website about what you get with each
ticket. But you already know that a student ticket gets less swag, and
professionals get an extra event and stuff like that. We’re not going to
mess with that too much, so you know what to expect.

And one final thing: if you manage to sweet-talk your boss, and your
employer is paying for your ticket, we do expect that you’ll register as
a professional delegate. Remember, there’s better swag in it for you!

See you all in January!


Michael Still
Director linux.conf.au 2013

Canberra 28 January 2013 to 2 February 2013

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