[clug] Torrents for Jamie's talk on Thursday

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Aug 29 20:39:44 MDT 2012

>> On Thursday 30 August 2012 10:00:13 Stephen Gibson wrote:
>>> md5sum:    dcdb514151b2ce4203e7b7a0d6a195ec
>> FWIW.  I get the same MD5SUM and the message, "Video can't be played
>> because the file is corrupt.".  Not particularly helpful. sorry.
>> G.
> This suggests it has been corrupted.
> $ file CLUG_2012-08_Jamie-Carl_MongoDB_small.ogv
> CLUG_2012-08_Jamie-Carl_MongoDB_small.ogv: data
> It should have been something like 'Ogg data' So now I am sure that
> restarting the torrent rest the file type.

OK, it has been uploaded again, md5sum is
b7f7aa10254675e6b261311326d06c6b and it streams ok in Chrome

 (watch the wrap)

Looking at the previous file in a hex editor showed that the whole
file had been reset to zeros. So now I know what restarting a torrent
on an existing file does.


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