[clug] Torrents for Jamie's talk on Thursday

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Wed Aug 29 16:58:22 MDT 2012

Ok, thanks Owen, I have downloaded the file.

I also tried the torrent download at my home,  Macbook (1,1) running 
Ubuntu 12.04,
and it failed, which may, as you state, indicate a firewall issue.

I don't view video files very much ... this .ogv file does not appear to 
be very player
friendly. I have tried the default ubuntu movie player, totem:

"Could not determine type of stream"

and mplayer

   "Mismatching header version 53.19.0"

I will try playing on the home system, and a bit more research.

Thanks, for all of your assistance.


On 29/08/12 19:47, Owen wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> On 28/08/12 12:00, Stephen Gibson wrote:
>>> Sorry, to be the dummy here, but can the video file be placed
>>> on a normal server. My default Ubuntu distribution is unable
>>> to obtain the file.
>>> The Transmission program says "Couldn't add duplicate torrent"
>>> Then "CLUG_2012-08_Jamie-Carl_MongoDB.ogv"
>>>            Downloading from 0 of 0 connected peers - Idle
>>> It then it does nothing.
>> Hi Steve,
>> Are you on the ANU network?  Because I believe that the net admins
>> have
>> blocked BitTorrent...  If you can do a packet capture and see what
>> it's up to
>> there, that might help debug things.  You may need to also check your
>> firewall
>> settings and check Transmission to see that it's using a port that
>> isn't
>> blocked (for both outgoing and incoming connections).
>> But otherwise, I believe Steve Hanley and Mikal Still were talking
>> about
>> making the videos available on the Linux Australia mirror (hosted on
>> the ANU
>> network).  That's out of my control.  My personal bandwidth and that
>> of my
>> hosting provider aren't really up to serving lots of copies of large
>> files;
>> hence BitTorrent.
> I downloaded the small via bit torrent and left it running for a two
> days (0 uploads) then turned it off.
> On seeing Steve's message I switched it back on, but it "failed".
> I have sent Steve a separate message as to where he can download my
> downloaded copy.

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