[clug] [OT] all text passwords == secure?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Aug 28 04:16:26 MDT 2012

Robert Edwards wrote on 28/08/12 12:32 PM:

> Also, Paul, are you "blindly" trusting GPG? How do _you_ know that large
> prime numbers really are hard to factor?

you're right... I can't do the Maths, so I rely on different people
telling me the same thing. Blind Trust :-(

The thing that makes me nervous is not having personally verified that
GPG really do pick primes, and not ones that are known to be easily

It doesn't worry me enough to actually learn the field enough to study
the code :-)

But then, I worry I won't be able to master it.
I only sort-of understand Galois Fields and can't design a proper
Reed-Solomon forward error correction code :-( [CD-ROM's and DVD's]

And from what I've read, GF() and RS codes are simple in comparison.

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