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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 21:53:42 MDT 2012

On 27/08/12 13:03, steve jenkin wrote:
> Scott Ferguson wrote on 27/08/12 12:20 PM:
>> Bletchley Park got a bit of assistance from Polish customs when they
>> spent several days inspecting a German diplomatic parcel. The parcel
>> contained an Enigma device. After a diplomatic protest the Poles
>> apologised and returned the parcel. The Germans were confident no damage
>> had been done - it had though, the allies then knew what the Germans were
>> using. No motivation to work out how if you don't know what.
> Scott,
> Thanks for that. Piece of history I didn't know.

There's a reference to it here:-

The additional detail was from an elderly ex-MI5 agent whose name I
forget (Tasmanian, author of various spy novels).

> Since 1988 when we discovered my Dad had worked for "Central Bureau"
> (our GCHQ), I've taken more of an interest in SigInt :-)
> He operated the world's first "Electronic Fingerprint" system
> [photograph a CRO trace and compare]. Probably mentioned that before :-/

Nope, or I missed it (still haven't read your blog posts, sorry).
Interesting stuff though.

> I liked your reference to Defence (attempting?)

No - *not* Defence (or either of the 3 letter, or 4 letter Australian
agencies).  I know nothing of them, or anything out Bungendore way.
(it's a common name, as you should know Steve)

Sorry I couldn't be clearer but it's not fair to name them, as the
decisions of a few reflect badly on all those who were/are strongly opposed.

Qasi-gov agency...  (sigh) ring any bells? ;-)
It was/is implemented, just ignored. It has led to numerous major
security breaches. Titan Rain is still very active.

> putting UnClass PC's in
> the tearooms for email access. Human Factors are the killer in Change
> Programs :-( Think I had a friend working in the gateway when they were
> thinking of doing that...

At least one of the people lurking on this list was part of a similar
thing in Defence (as a sub-contractor). Assuredly he's too professional
to discuss it, possibly has done some nice documentation for KDE.

> Cheers
> steve

Kind regards

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