[clug] [OT] all text passwords == secure?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Aug 26 00:29:03 MDT 2012

Scott Ferguson wrote on 26/08/12 3:35 PM:

>>> I agree with your assessment of this article: Fool's Comfort.

> What also concerns me is that if doesn't help educate people of the
> real cloud risks, because it continues that trend of not defining
> what they mean when they say "cloud". Let alone the silly example
> of how cloud instances can be stripped of data because of not using
> the "right" disk encryption (sigh). I blame the journalist, not the
> people being quoted.
> <snipped>
> Kind regards

What we know is that mainstream journalism and the 10-minute newscycle
with 4-second grabs doesn't allow for nuance or subtlety...

The flip side of this is "you get the politicians/journalists you

The Great Unwashed Australian Public don't want to understand the
issues and responses/responsibilities in detail. A variation of TL;DR.

The 'computer security' and Propitiatory Software companies respond to
their market and make use of the media as it is...

None of which is encouraging :-(

The upside for Those of You with Clue [and who Care], is you're a hard
target surrounded by thousands of Crash Test Dummies. For the moment,
that's a pretty solid protection:
  Being the only guy/gal in town to have a deadbolt on your door means
you won't be burgled by anyone opportunistic. Just the ones who knows
what's there and are determined.

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