[clug] Who has better dd foo than I?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Aug 7 01:03:28 MDT 2012

David Austin wrote on 7/08/12 1:09 PM:

> I would have thought that that setting the reserved precentage is the way
> to go -
> assuming the actual filesystem supports it.
> David

Linux/Unix became "the universal glue": what other systems couldn't or
wouldn't allow you to do, you'd do something, usually trivial, on
Linux/Unix to make happen.

Like the 30 seconds I once spent creating a shell script to generate
BIND/named forward/reverse lookup files for some Windows Admins - They
wanted a copy... What was that?????

Like PERL, the swiss-army chainsaw of scripting language, Linux allows,
"One Problem, Many Solutions".

Good to see that playing out here so we all learn new things.

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