[clug] [Job] VoIP softswitch developer

Bernard Duggan bernard at guarana.org
Wed Apr 18 23:00:36 MDT 2012

Hi all,
The company for which I work is looking for developers here in Canberra. 
All the work is in a Linux environment, and is mostly a mixture of C++ 
and Erlang. If you're interested or have any questions for me, please 
don't hesitate to shoot me an email. The full official job description 
is below.



M5 Networks is a market leader in business phone systems. Our system 
offers a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses and needs. 
 From managing a sales force to a call center, M5 Networks' 
client-focused, cloud-based solutions allow businesses to work the way 
they want to, while connecting them to their customers and integrating 
their business-critical applications. Headquartered in New York City, 
industry-award winning M5 Networks pioneered hosted VoIP in 2000 and 
today provides more than 2,000 companies with enterprise-class phone 
systems.  M5 was recently acquired by ShoreTel, Inc. and now operates as 
ShoreTel's cloud division.

As a VoIP Softswitch Developer, you will be responsible for developing, 
optimising and expanding M5's softswitch platform functionality and 
integrating new technologies with our platform.  You will also be 
required to design, develop, and implement new technologies and maintain 
them after their release to production.  You will be an excellent 
problem-solver and diagnostician, and be able to work directly with the 
business side to conceive and implement creative solutions to real-world 
problems.  The successful candidate will be a key contributor to M5's 
growth and facilitate the emergence of our cloud-based solution as a 
leader in its industry.

The majority of the development work will be in the Erlang functional 
programming language.  While prior knowledge of Erlang is a plus for 
this position, it is not a requirement.  We are happy to train an 
experienced, professional C++ programmer in Erlang, one of the 
fastest-growing languages today.

The candidate could fit into a junior or senior role depending on prior 

* Design and develop software for the M5 Call Conductor, our hosted 
softswitch product.
* Deliver production software to a deadline.
* Build software within M5's integration framework to facilitate the 
release process.
* Work closely with the business side to understand the business 
* Have a deep understanding of all systems components to ensure that 
your software fits into the big picture.
* Integrate services and modules into the M5 platform.
* Test and qualify all code.
* Diagnose and solve production issues.
* Understand customer requirements and apply them into software.
* Participate in the design of new applications and features.
* Create realistic milestones and estimates for project deliverables.

* 3+ years experience with C++.
* Sound understanding of concurrent systems.
* Experience with Erlang a plus.
* Experience writing production code.
* Expertise with the principles and practice of object-oriented programming.
* Experience with Unix application architecture and system integration 
* Experience with TCP/IP, sockets, and network interfaces.
* Knowledge of computer telephony, audio codecs, and Voice over IP a plus.
* Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering

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