[clug] Another pom incoming.

Dave Sharpe davesharpe at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 06:53:40 MDT 2012

Dear CLUG!

I am an active member of the Scottish linux users group and was pleased to
see that Canberra has an active LUG for me to
take interest in.

My family and I are moving to Canberra in September.  I am struggling to
find many jobs advertised online in my area (Linux SA, with CCNA/RHCSA)
 that don't ask for security clearances of some kind which I A) Dont have
and B) Probably won't get due to my residual pom status.

Do you think I am going to struggle to secure good work in Canberra?

Thanks for any advice and will come pester you all soon,



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