[clug] Off topic: sound jockey wanted

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Sep 19 16:10:45 MDT 2011

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Hi there,

I realise this is off topic for the CLUG list but I'm looking for technical
people and there's probably a fairly good concentration here...

Kate and I run an Irish Set Dancing weekend which is coming up on the 8th to
9th of October (Saturday - Sunday).  We've been looking (unsuccessfully so
far) for a person to monitor the sound levels, control playback, and make sure
everything works smoothly, to replace me doing it and allow me to actually run
the event.  We're paying $300 for one and a half days of relatively easy work.
 If anyone on the list is interested in doing this please get in touch with me
using paulway at mabula.net or 0422 392 081.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I'd recommend Irish Set Dancing to all hackers and programmers in
particular.  It has a rich instruction set including iteration, branching,
function calls and basic interrupts.  We teach all dances on the weekend and
have basic sessions on steps and holds to get new people up to speed.  Contact
me for more info :-)
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