[clug] LVM Partion Access

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 23:19:47 MDT 2011

On 14/09/11 14:21, Brett Worth wrote:
> Hello All!
> From time to time I have mounted a virtual machine's disk image file on
> the host server.  There are three scenarios:
> 1.  The image file contains just a filesystem
>     mount -o loop IMAGEFILE /mnt
> 2.  The image has a partition table
>     kpartx -av IMAGEFILE
>     mount /dev/mapper/loop0pN /mnt
> 3.  The image has a partition table and one of the partitions has been
> given to LVM.
>     kpartx -av IMAGEFILE
>     (magic commands)
>     mount /dev/mapper/MyNewVolGroup-LogVol00 /mnt
> Can someone tell me what goes in the brackets?  I have a feeling it will
> need to be imported into the host server's LVM config which means it
> would then have to be exported again before the VM can use it.
> Anyone?
> Brett

fdisk -lu $LOOP

but there are several other approaches....

/data/kvm# file IMAGEFILE
note down the start sector
/data/kvm# losetup -v -o $[BLOCKSIZE*START_SECTOR] /dev/loop0 IMAGEFILE
/data/kvm# lvm pvscan

kpartx -av $LOOP
fdisk -lu $LOOP
mount ${LOOP}p1 /tmp/part1
ls /tmp/part1

lvdisplay -c
(find /dev/mapper)
mount /dev/mapper/$LV /tmp/lv
ls /tmp/lv


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