[clug] ACT Map i and SVG

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Sep 13 18:06:48 MDT 2011

It's the Public Service, it doesn't have to make sense :-(

One of the best phrases I heard/learned:
  "This is a situation where Logic does not apply"

Seriously, if you want to change this sort of stuff you have to get
involved in Politics and even be prepared to stand for office - in a
major party with a chance of getting in power.

But there's a problem, anyone who wants to be a Pollie is about the last
person you'd want to be in power :-(

Alex (Maxious) Sadleir wrote on 13/09/11 8:07 PM:
> The old SVG version is available at
> Why did they even buy this $7000+ Silverlight solution (Geocortex
> Essentials)? ESRI ArcGIS Server has a **free** javascript slippy map
> **which is enabled on this server**
> You can even access that server using FOSS for GIS like Quantum GIS or
> JOSM! Just add the WMS server URLs
> ""
> and ""


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